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The Delicious and Authentic Mimi Tteokbokki Experience at Home



Mimi Tteokbokki


If you’re a fan of Korean cuisine, you’ve probably heard of Tteokbokki – a popular street food known for its spicy and chewy rice cakes. Now, you can enjoy the authentic taste of Mimi Tteokbokki in the comfort of your own home. Mimi is a renowned restaurant chain in Korea, famous for being the first to introduce Soup Tteokbokki. With Mimi’s curated pack of ingredients, you can easily recreate the original flavor of this beloved dish, which is mildly spicy and suitable for the whole family.

What’s Included in the Mimi Tteokbokki Pack

Each pack of Mimi Tteokbokki contains carefully selected ingredients to ensure a delicious and satisfying meal. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

1. Wheat Rice Cakes

The star ingredient of Tteokbokki is the chewy rice cakes. Mimi’s wheat rice cakes are made with high-quality wheat flour, sourced from Australia, ensuring a soft and delightful texture. These rice cakes have undergone a special aging process that preserves the moisture within the dough, resulting in a more enjoyable eating experience. Mimi prioritizes hygiene and uses a fully automated production process to maintain the highest standards.

2. Bite-Sized Busan Fishcakes

To enhance the flavor and texture of the dish, Mimi includes bite-sized Busan fishcakes in their Tteokbokki pack. These premium fishcakes are produced by the renowned fishcake chain, Goraesa, in Busan. Made with the finest ingredients, these fishcakes are chewy and packed with savory goodness. Mimi has taken the extra step of cutting them into bite-sized pieces, making them convenient and easy to consume.

3. Mimine’s Original Sauce

The secret to Mimi Tteokbokki’s mouthwatering taste lies in the original sauce. Mimi’s special recipe is made with minimal seasoning, allowing the natural flavors of the vegetables to shine through. The sauce strikes the perfect balance between refreshing spiciness and a clean aftertaste.

Cooking Instructions for Mimi Tteokbokki

Preparing Mimi Tteokbokki at home is a breeze. Follow these simple steps to enjoy a satisfying bowl of Mimi Tteokbokki:

Step 1: Boiling the Rice Cakes

In a moderately large pan, add water (450cc / 2.5 paper cups), Mimine’s Original Sauce, and the frozen rice cakes. Stir everything well to ensure the sauce coats the rice cakes evenly. Heat the pan on high and let the mixture come to a boil.

Pro Tip: Quick-freezing techniques used in the production of Mimi’s rice cakes result in an especially chewy texture, enhancing your Tteokbokki experience.

Step 2: Adding the Fishcakes

Now, it’s time to add the bite-sized Busan fishcakes to the pan. These fishcakes will infuse the dish with their savory flavors, complementing the spiciness of the sauce.

Step 3: Personalize Your Tteokbokki

To add an extra touch to your Mimi Tteokbokki, feel free to incorporate additional ingredients according to your preference. Vegetables like cabbage, carrots, and mushrooms can enhance the flavor and provide a delightful crunch.

Pro Tip: Get creative with your Tteokbokki and experiment with different vegetables and mushrooms to find your perfect combination.

Ways to Enjoy Mimi Tteokbokki

Mimi’s Soup Tteokbokki offers a versatile dining experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Here are some ideas on how to savor this delicious dish:

  1. Classic Tteokbokki: Enjoy Mimi Tteokbokki as it is, with the chewy rice cakes and savory fishcakes bathed in the original sauce. The mild spiciness and rich flavors will satisfy your cravings for authentic Korean cuisine.
  2. Low-Appetite Days: On days when your appetite is low, Mimi Tteokbokki is the perfect choice. The combination of chewy rice cakes and flavorful sauce will awaken your taste buds and leave you feeling satisfied.
  3. Rice Alternative: If you’re looking for a change from traditional rice dishes, Mimi Tteokbokki is a fantastic alternative.
  4. Snack Time: Pair your Mimi Tteokbokki with some crispy Fried Seaweed Rolls for a delightful snack. The combination of the soup base and the seaweed rolls creates a perfect balance of textures and flavors.

Brand Information and Delivery Packaging

Mimine, the brand behind Mimi Tteokbokki, is a trusted name in the Korean street food scene. Known for their innovation and commitment to quality, Mimine has become a favorite choice of shopping malls and food enthusiasts alike. With Mimi Tteokbokki, they bring the authentic taste of Korean cuisine to your home.

To ensure the freshness and quality of the food products, Mimi delivers their frozen items in a thermal bag. This packaging preserves the flavors and textures of the ingredients, allowing you to experience the true taste of Mimi Tteokbokki.

Customer Support and Product-Related Issues

Mimi is dedicated to providing excellent customer support and resolving any product-related issues promptly. If you encounter any problems with your Mimi Tteokbokki pack, follow these steps:

  1. Product-Related Problem: In case of any issues with the product, such as quality or packaging concerns, please submit a related picture of the problem to

Pro Tip: For fresh, refrigerated, or frozen food, make sure to submit a photo indicative of the problem within 2 days of receiving the product. For other products and foods, the timeframe is within 7 days of product receipt.

  1. Customer-Error Related Problem: If the issue arises due to a customer error or change of mind, Mimi will work together with customers to find a reasonable and fair solution. Depending on the exact situation, there may be some difficulties in receiving a refund. 

Additional Information: Prices of Mimi Tteokbokki products are subject to change without notice and may be sold out or discontinued. The product images provided are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.


Mimi Tteokbokki brings the authentic flavors of Korean street food to your home. With Mimi’s carefully curated pack of ingredients, you can easily recreate the delicious and mildly spicy Tteokbokki experience enjoyed by Koreans for generations.

From the chewy wheat rice cakes to the delectable Busan fishcakes and Mimine’s original sauce, every element is designed to deliver a satisfying and authentic taste.

Order your pack today and embark on a culinary journey to Korea’s vibrant street food scene.

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