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Welcome to the survey, where your honest feedback can make a difference! Jack in the Box, an American fast-food restaurant founded in 1951 by Robert O. Peterson, values its customers’ opinions and invites you to share your experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the survey process, eligibility requirements, survey rules, and more. Survey Contest: Win Exciting Rewards

Jack in the Box appreciates your time and effort in providing feedback through the survey. As a token of gratitude, every participant will receive a coupon for 2 FREE Tacos. Imagine enjoying mouthwatering tacos and a delectable croissant, all for sharing your opinion!

Participating in the Survey

Eligibility and Requirements

To participate in the survey, you must be a resident of the United States and have recently dined at a Jack in the Box restaurant. A purchase receipt is compulsory, as it contains a 14-digit code necessary to access the survey. Please ensure that your receipt is valid, as it is only accepted within three days of the transaction.

Accessing the Survey

To access the survey, follow these simple steps:

  1. Save your purchase receipt from Jack in the Box.
  2. Open a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) on your device.
  3. Visit the official survey website at
  4. Choose your preferred language: English or Español.

Navigating the Survey

The survey will cover various aspects, including the accuracy of your order, overall satisfaction, cleanliness of the restaurant, friendliness of the staff, and the taste of the food. Survey: Providing Your Feedback

Answering the Survey Questions

The survey aims to gather your honest opinions and feedback. Take your time to answer each question thoughtfully and accurately. Start by indicating the day and time of your visit, followed by how you dined at the restaurant (dine-in, drive-thru, or takeout).

Validation Code

Upon completing the survey, you will receive a 4-digit validation code on the screen. Make sure to write down this code on your survey invitation (receipt). This validation code serves as proof of your participation and will be required to redeem your rewards.

Redeeming Your Survey Rewards

Coupon for 2 FREE Tacos

After completing the survey, every participant will receive a coupon for 2 FREE Tacos. To redeem this coupon, visit any Jack in the Box restaurant within seven days of completing the survey. Simply present your validation code and enjoy your complimentary tacos.

Free Supreme Croissant for Lucky Winners

If you are one of the fortunate winners, your prize can be redeemed on your next visit to Jack in the Box. Indulge in the flaky goodness of a Supreme Croissant, courtesy of Jack in the Box! Survey by Phone

If you prefer to provide your feedback via phone, Jack in the Box offers an alternative method. Simply call the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) number 1-858-876-0461 and follow the instructions to share your feedback. Survey Rules and Regulations

  1. The survey is open to all residents of the United States.
  2. Participants must be 18 years of age or older.
  3. The survey must be completed within three days of the purchase.
  4. Each guest visit entitles you to one coupon.
  5. The coupon is valid for seven days after completing the survey.
  6. To activate the coupon, write down the 4-digit validation code on your receipt.

There is no limit to the number of times you can take the survey and win a coupon.

About Jack in the Box, Inc.

Founded in 1951 by Robert O. Peterson, Jack in the Box is a renowned American fast-food restaurant. With its headquarters in San Diego, California, Jack in the Box operates over 2,200 locations primarily on the West Coast of the United States.Offering a variety of food items, including french fries, chicken tenders, cheeseburgers, and hamburgers, Jack in the Box aims to provide a satisfying dining experience to its customers.

Contact Jack in the Box Customer Service

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback for Jack in the Box, their customer service team is ready to assist you. You can reach them at:

  • Address: 9330 Balboa Ave, San Diego, California, United States – 92123-1516.
  • Contact Number: +1 858 522 4716.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Survey?

The survey is a customer satisfaction program designed to gather feedback from customers who have dined at Jack in the Box.

What type of questions are asked in the survey?

The survey includes questions about the accuracy of your order, overall satisfaction, likelihood of recommending Jack in the Box to others, friendliness of the staff, cleanliness of the restaurant, and the taste of the food.

Do you know what the 14-digit code means?

The 14-digit code is a unique identifier found on your purchase receipt. It is necessary to access the Jacklistens.comsurvey and provide feedback about your dining experience.

Is a purchase receipt needed for survey participation?

Yes, a purchase receipt is required to participate in the survey. It contains the 14-digit code necessary to access the survey.

Can I participate in the survey after one week of item purchase?

No, the Jacklistens.comsurvey must be taken within three days of the receipt date. After this period, the survey entry will no longer be valid.

What is the Jack in the Box survey validation code?

The Jack in the Box survey validation code is a 4-digit number provided at the end of the Jacklistens.comsurvey.

What rewards can I get for participating in the Jacklistens customer satisfaction survey?

By participating in the Jacklistens.comsurvey, you will receive a coupon for 2 FREE Tacos.


Your feedback is invaluable to Jack in the Box. Participating in the Jacklistens.comsurvey allows you to contribute to the continuous improvement of their services while enjoying delicious rewards. Remember, your opinion matters, so visit today and share your dining experience. Help Jack in the Box provide an exceptional experience every time you visit!

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