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Best Th ings to Do in Tower of Fantasy



Best Th ings to Do in Tower of Fantasy


Being an MMO, Tower of Fantasy offers a tonne of activities. Whether players choose to play Tower of Fantasy alone or with friends, several tasks, such as Joint Operations and Void Rifts, can only be completed in group settings.

In keeping with other MMO games, players in this one have a plethora of daily chores to do. Every day offers something to do, whether it’s grinding resources to level up their weapons or taking part in Mia’s Kitchen.

However, one thing that you must do is to top up as much Tanium as you can. Because you will need it for various upgrades and so on. You can top up from here:

Mia’s Kitchen

Playing Mia’s Kitchen is a very easy daily chore where players watch Mia prepare three dishes of cuisine. Every dish of food gives boosts and EXP; some even include unique ingredients that may be utilized to level up weapons. Though there are culinary systems available to players across the Tower of Fantasy universe, Mia’s Kitchen is a bit different.

With only clicking and seeing the endearing Mia dish up a tray of food, it’s the simplest daily chore in the game. This should be done before you engage in any significant combat in the game that day, including the crucial world bosses.

Joint Operations

To engage in Joint Operations, a daily duty done with three other players, players must be at least level 20. Gamers will be paired with strangers, or they may do this with pals in their own party group. Joint Operations are essentially little dungeons where players have to kill different enemies to get boxes that need 30 vitality to unlock.

Crew Donations

To support their fellow gamers, members in Tower of Fantasy Crews should make sure they are contributing to the daily Crew contributions. One may do this simple chore as soon as they log in. Along with helping your other players, this benefits the Crew as a whole. Usually, gamers will wind up haphazardly collecting these donations—like mushrooms or eggs—while exploring the globe.

Bygone Phantasm

Although the Bygone Phantasm should not be completed every day, it may be a useful habit to develop when attempting to advance to the upper levels as quickly as feasible. It’s an unending dungeon that becomes harder the higher players go, much to the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact.

Training Points

Two training options are available at Training Points on the map. Players must finish a random training session with the most points attainable in two attempts. Basically, they are brief mini-games that, depending on what players are given that day, might be pretty challenging. Players get a certain number of points, which increase when a job is correctly completed.

Dimensional Trials

Quickfire assignments and dimensional Trials may be finished in a few minutes or even less if the group is powerful enough. They cover a range of challenges and, should a player want higher-level resources for weapon upgrades, each one provides them. Whether they pick a melee or a ranged mimic for their squad, players in Joint Operations have complete freedom.

So, these are the best things you can do in the Tower of Fantasy game. However, if you can skip all these and get an account that already accomplished all these things from U7buy. There are many Tower of Fantasy account for sale that you can check out.

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